Saturday, 7 November 2015

Jiggling Damsel Nymph

Jiggling Damsel Nymph

Material List :

Hook - TMC 60 degrees vertical hook size 10
Marabou - olive
Deer Creek Micro Velvet Rope - light olive
Mono Eye
Rubber legs
Diamond hard resin
Dubbing - Damsel olive

Step by step tying instruction:

Tie in the Velvet rope on a fine needle

Tie in the marabou

Tie down the velvet rope and the marabou, whip finished

Continue tie down the velvet rope and marabou and whip finished at every section. The tail section ready.

Prepare the Jig hook and tie in the mono eye

Put in a bead as weight... you may add lead wire if you wish

Tie in the tail section

Put in some dubbing

Tie in the 1st pair rubber leg and extend the rubber leg as the antenna

 Tie in the second pair rubber legs and dub with dubbing to split the legs

Tie in the velvet rope as thorax

Bring the velvet rope over and tie down

Bring the velvet rope over and tie down

 Tie down the velvet rope and bring it over to the bottom

Tie down the velvet rope and bring it over to the bottom

 Color the thorax with marker

Drop some Diamond Hard resin to secure the thorax section

Trim the rubber legs and mark it with marker... color the eye...

the Jiggling Damsel Nymph are ready

Cheers and Happy Tying....


  1. Looks like a winner , you might think of tying the tail on a hook shank and tying tying as a wiggle nymph. as if you watch Damsel Nymphs in the water they are very active wigglers

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