Saturday, 13 August 2011

Freshwater Nation - Freshwater fly pattern

Foxm'rabou Minnow

 Crayfish X

Ara Fruit Pattern

- specially tie for our local Red Mahseer

Dragonfly Nymph ( Fishable Realistic )

Cricket V2

Hopper X ( Fishable Realistic )

Craft Fur Candy

Sculpin Streamer

Flat Wing Bloody Butcher

Jointed Damsel Nymph ( JDN )

 DHA Sedge

 DHA Tape Wing caddis

Palm Chenille Leech

Latex Abdomen Caddis Pupa

 Mylar Minnow - Guppy / Mosquito Fish

 Mylar Minnow - 'Seluang' Bait fish

Mylar Minnow - Anchovies / Ikan Billis

 Extended Abdomen Reel Wings Mayfly

Reel Wings Yellow Drake

Daddy Long Legs

Articulate Crayfish

Olive Cray

 Furry Foam Crayfish

Weedless J Hook Furry Foam Crayfish

Snakehead Fry

Tacklebox Split-tail

HI Vis Hopper X

Wiggling Minnow V2

DC Velvet Rope Dragonfly Nymph

DC Velvet rope Caddis Pupae

Buggy Dragonfly Nymph

Bug Partz Nymph

EA Foam Cricket

Cicada X ( Fused Body version )


Popping Frog

Swimming Damsel Nymph


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  1. Pics are great, tying instructions would be even better and videos would be awesome! I wish I had your tying skill, the wiggling minnow is really nice.